Analysis of the Interrelationships among Uses Motivation of Social Media, Social Presence, and Consumer Attitudes in Strategic Communications
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This study investigated the correlation between the uses motivation of social media (SNS) and the social presence. The study result shows that there are considerably high statistical significant correlations between trust and interactivity, trust and social relationship, convenience and interactivity, convenience and social relationship, usefulness and interactivity, and usefulness and social relationship. Also, there is a few statistically significant correlations between convenience and social ethicality and usefulness and social ethicality. That is, the uses motivation of SNS can affect the formation of the social presence. The regression results in this study suggest practical implications. Among the uses motivation of SNS, trust and convenience affected the attitudes toward the brand (AB), the attitudes toward the product (AP), and purchase intention (PI). Also, of the three factors of social presence, only interactivity affected AB, AP, and PI. This study suggests its theoretical significance in that it investigated the fact that the strategic communications needs to be developed to enhance the social presence since there is a correlation between the uses motivation of SNS and social presence. From practical perspective, this study is expected to provide the useful guideline for brand marketer trying to develop communication strategies using SNS.
Theoretical Background
Conclusion and General Discussion
#Uses motivation of social media (SNS) #Social presence #Strategic communications
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